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Pip Tutorial Request.

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A pip is something like this : inactivestaddaz9.png

A pip is what I posted in the quote.

Try searching for userbars in the tutorials section; the method is what you'll want, you'll just have to use a different set of image dimensions.

And also, it's not completely obvious what a "pip" is, because you didn't elaborate, you just said "Can someone make a pip tut?", so you can't really talk to PrettyDarnNeat in that way. I don't mean that nastily, I'm only nine so I'm not the best at wording things. If you still can't understand it, then PM me (only if you're REALLY confused on it) and if you ask nicely I may make one or two for you to save you the trouble.

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Well sorry, I'm 9 too :P. I didn't really know how to explain.

Yay! Another 9 year old! OK, randomness put aside, I won't put it in the tutorials section because it's a bit minor to post, so I'll send you a tutorial through PM somewhen soon. Is that OK?

EDIT: I've sent it.

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