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Feature Suggestion: Better Printing Support

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One of my complaints with Paint.NET (of which I don't have very many!) is that when you go to File->Print ( :Print: ) it uses the Windows XP Photo Printing Wizard, which sucks IMHO. My main complaint with it is that you cannot print an image in actual size, probably because that wizard was designed for photos, which not all graphics are! Even MSPaint can do this, so why not Paint.NET? Another thing is my laptop has problems with printing in MSPaint (probably due to the widescreen monitor) forcing me to paste it into a program like WordPad, which is very inconvenient!

So I suggest a simple feature: provide printing support with a standard Print dialog box like other programs do. That is all it will take. :)

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So I suggest a simple feature... That is all it will take. :)

Oh? Is that all? Really? Simple?

How can you know?

Have you written a printing wizard for a graphics program before? Is it really that easy?

Don't say "simple." 'Cause it's not.

It's a lot of work, and Paint.NET is currently a 1.5-man project.

(I'm not saying better printing support is a bad idea. I want it too. Just... please don't downplay the amount of work that goes into these things.)

Right now, the best solution is to save in a flexible format (PNG, JPG), and open it in another program and print from there.


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