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please help to resolve this compilation Issue

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i m getting the follwoing error during compilation due to which i m unable to proceed. besides that i m using VisualStudio2005

Error 19 The command "@rem Embed manifest

call "D:\src\Manifests\embedManifest.bat" "D:\src\bin\Debug\PaintDotNet.exe" "D:\src\Manifests\asInvoker.xml"

call "D:\src\Manifests\embedManifest.bat" "D:\src\obj\Debug\PaintDotNet.exe" "D:\src\Manifests\asInvoker.xml"

@rem Sign

rem call "D:\src\signfile.bat" "D:\src\obj\Debug\PaintDotNet.exe"

rem call "D:\src\signfile.bat" "D:\src\bin\Debug\PaintDotNet.exe"

@rem copy Interop.WIA.dll over

copy "D:\src\\Interop.WIA\Interop.WIA.dll" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

@rem Copy DDS over

mkdir "D:\src\bin\Debug\\FileTypes"

copy "D:\src\\DdsFileType\DdsFileType\bin\Debug\DdsFileType.dll" "D:\src\bin\Debug\\FileTypes"

copy "D:\src\\DdsFileType\Squish\Squish_x86\Debug\Squish_x86.dll" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

copy "D:\src\\DdsFileType\Squish\Squish_x86_SSE2\Debug\Squish_x86_SSE2.dll" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

copy "D:\src\\DdsFileType\Squish\Squish_x64\Debug\Squish_x64.dll" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

@rem copy SystemLayer.Native.*.dll over

rem copy "D:\src\\SystemLayer.Native\SystemLayer.Native.x64\Debug\PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.Native.x64.dll" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

rem copy "D:\src\\SystemLayer.Native\SystemLayer.Native.x86\Debug\PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.Native.x86.dll" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

@rem copy WiaProxy32.exe over

copy "D:\src\\WiaProxy32\bin\Debug\WiaProxy32.exe" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

@rem copy English strings over

copy "D:\src\\Strings\Debug\PaintDotNet.Strings.3.resources" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"

@rem copy non-English strings (we won't copy the other file/image resource overrides)

rem copy "D:\src\\Resources.mui\*.resources" "D:\src\bin\Debug\"


rem call "D:\src\prejit.bat" "D:\src\bin\Debug\PaintDotNet.exe"" exited with code 1. paintdotnet

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I'm getting the same compilation issues. The remark is of course not throwing the error but the call to the embedManifest.bat. The batchfile uses an executable called mt.exe and I can't find it (yes, I searched my whole hard disk). Can this be because I'm using Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition? Does anybody know a workaround?



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I looked for the mt.exe file and I realized I was missing some files from the Windows SDK (v6.0A in this case). I repaired my installation of Visual Studio and the file mt.exe appeared in the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin. After that I was still having the problem, but I don't know if thats because the file was not there when I first loaded the solution or something, so I changed the file src\Manifests\embedManifest.bat adding the full path of mt.exe. That made the trick.

I hope this helps,


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