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I don't come to this forum often, but I lurk around once in a while. I saw your name and I said to myself, I HAVE to wish Ash a Merry Christmas again. So, Merry Christmas and have a GREAT New Year. I wish only the greatest and bestest for your business! *hugs*

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Dear All,

I am just busy busy busy, my bed is not even warm and I have to travel again!

Considering the economy like this, I should feel lucky I guess. :P

I have many big projects coming up next year and maybe have to add Brazil, Thailand....etc etc to my trips!

On top of my already usual Asia trips.

But believe me, I have NOT abandon PDN nor all of you.

I will be back!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holidays and a happy new year!

Warmest regards

Ash :)

Hello all,

I am still alive :)

Just been busy with my business, real world problems does take the front seat.

Hope this message find good health with all of you, Merry Xmas/happy holidays and a happy new year.

See you around, I'll be back.

One year between sightings, to the day. Conclusion: Ash is Santa Claus.


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Greetings everyone,

I never used any social networks, such as facebook, twitter.....etc. (I signed up for an account but never used it)

However, I am just trying out Google+ now.....like JUST NOW!

If anyone wants an invite, PM me with your email, or email me directly to my gmail AshPDN (Or if you already have Google+, just add me).

I'll try to be as quick as I can. I will send the invites to the users I know first.

Be as you wanna keep in touch with me, or just wanna try Google+ out to see what all the fuss is about.

**Before you start, I ask you to be careful of what info you share on the internet...check all the settings in google+,

make sure you are not sharing anything you don't want.**

Who knows, maybe this social networking could turn out to be a good way for me to keep in touch with you guys and gals.

Best regards to all of you.



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