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Grafix - resizing?

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I now know why my .pdn files were so big. The files I was importing were not really resized by Paint.Net. While I usually use Irfan for this application I thought Paint.Net would do a better job. Tried PhotoShop & Paint.Net still showed frame size was huge. I had to shrink photo while in my new layout/file.

For Cropping, I have tried JPegCrop, freebie, & even cropping photos were too big. I have used Paint.Net to crop but size frame size was too big.

While cropping does make a smaller frame size, it is still too big. Sounds like I need to resize first with Irfan & then crop. Is this correct? Your resizer does not work. I found PhotoShop had the same problem?

I have photos from a digital camera. File sizes & frame sizes are huge. I am printing on 8.50 x 11" paper. The photos need to be 2x3" approx.

While I resized thru Paint.Net, I noticed when I imported the files, it showed the frame size to be 18" wide x something. Much larger than 4x5" etc.

I like the ruler in Paint.Net as I thought it was telling me I was shrinking frame size without loosing clarity.

As a general rule, I don't stretch graphics but have been know to if it is only alittle bit.

Other things I try is sharpen, unsharpen, soften...I play around with what Paint.Net offers in plugins to get the effect I want.

I deal with scrapbooking & 1 background file can be 10 megs in file size. Frame size is 3600x3600. While I know the higher the dpi, the better the print. At times I wonder, if I am having to shrink things all the time, if it is really necessary to have such big files on hard drive.

I am not real sure about this resizing stuff since we seem to be getting into & have been into since Window95, bigger files sizes & frame sizes.

Is there any general rules I can go by in order to get good quality graphic files & printouts?

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No but wouldn't that mean I would have to make a new file on hard drive?

What is the different with shrinking it while in my new file/layout other than my .pdn file might not get as big as it has been? Does it effect the quality & dpi?

As Irfan does shrink the frame size, I have thought about letting it shrink file, then copy (not save the file), paste into Paint.Net. At this time, I do not know if Paint.Net will do a better job of saving the file than Irfan. Irfan will put alittle trash in file. Jpgs are not a lossless format. I did notice you have a plugin called: Jpeg2000 that I am trying.

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If you use the zoom buttons to zoom out, your picture will be the same when saved and viewed somewhere else, but ill sie down for the moment. It'll simply appear as if you were viwing it from a larger distance, which will enable you to execute things over the whole of the picture.

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This works better than saving the original file thru any program? Resaving the original, put garbage in the file & distorts the file.

So by taking a snapshot of screen, avoid this?

FastStone will convert Jpegs with a lossless compression. I downloaded it yesterday & it looks like you can not do a batch conversion like you can with lrfan's viewer.

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JPG isn't lossless, but that's an entirely different matter.

If I understand you right, you want to batch convert images to a certain size. Irfanview is best for that, because PDN doesn't allow repeating a rescale in a simple way (yet).

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That is what I want to talk about...jpegs.

If I use Irfan's viewer & do a batch conversion to say, .png...will I loss any clarity from my original .jpeg?

FastStone viewing program claims it will resave file, without losing any clarity.

Is there really any way to check & compair any of this?

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Thanks...that is exactly what I needed to know. Convert my .jpegs to .png, edit, alter file etc, save file again in .png then convert them back into .jpg so to save on hard drive space. My work is cut out for me now.

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