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Default Folder in Open and Save Dialogs

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The Open and Save dialogs both remember the last folder you were in, which is great. I invoke the Open dialog, navigate to a folder and open an image. When I invoke the Open dialog again, it's already pointing to the folder I navigated to last time. Same with the Save dialog. So far, so good.

The problem I have is that both of these dialogs share the same "last folder" setting. Most of my work in Paint.NET involves opening an image in folder A, making changes, and saving it to folder B. With many images, this causes a lot of navigating each time I open and save. Here are the steps:

1. I invoke the Open dialog, navigate to folder A and open an image file.

2. I make changes, then invoke the Save As dialog (which defaults to folder A), navigate to folder B and save the image.

3. I again invoke the Open dialog to open another image, but it's defaulting to folder B (since that was the last folder I was in using the Save As dialog) rather than folder A (the last folder I was in using the Open dialog).

What I would like is for each of these dialogs to remember their "last folder" independant of each other. The Open dialog should remember its last folder and the Save As dialog should remember its own last folder.

Does this make sense? Is it possible to do this already and I'm just missing something?


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Rick might correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the save/open dialogs are .NET standard dialogs, provided by Microsoft. I don't think this is something he can change. Good idea, though. :-)


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Correct. Paint.NET manages the initial directory itself; this is especially required for the Vista version of the dialog, the accessibility of which is not built in to .NET 2.0. (I had to write a ton of COM interop to get to it)

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