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How can I create fading edges?

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No need to shout. I edited your thread title for you.
Cool, now that's been sorted, I can help you without thinking I'm aiding and abetting a wrongdoer ;).

You have a few options at your disposal, including the in-built Radial Gradient Tool ( :GradientTool: > :RadialGradient: ), and Ed Harvey's Vignette plugin, to name two.

The Vignette can be found as apart of Ed Harvey's plugin pack located as a sticky topic in the Plugins Forum. Bear in mind your Paint.NET version, though: if you are using 3.22, then go for the stickied plugin pack; if, on the other hand, you are using 3.30 Beta 2, then you'll need to use his Beta 2 package further down the forum.

These are two suggestions available to you, but you are not restricted to these; other members may have alternate means to accomplish your goal. I personally would try the Radial Gradient first and foremost, remembering to have your secondary colour as fully transparent (Transparency to 0 in the Colors window (More >>)) so to get that 'hole' in the centre of your gradiation.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

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