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Number plate

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Hi - I've search the PDN forums, and haven't been able to find any tutorials consering a number plate. What I want realy, is if someone could make a tut showing how to make a number plate on a car (but... One with the 3D parts on it)

Like this image here -> jmail01.jpg

but in the style of a numberplate - if you need me to clarify this, just tell me ;)

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The Engrave/Emboss plugin might be of some use. And recolouring of that embossing. The rest is dependant on the plate you're aiming for: American - which state?; European - which country? What era?; Asian - country?; type of vehicle - some British agricultural tractors have different plates to that of regular vehicles; and so on.

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I would also take a look at barkbark00's chrome tutorial. It's written for text, but the effect can easily be achieved elsewhere.

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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Yes, i'll be sure do do that :wink: I've seen plenty of posts locked because of that!

I don't however, think that there is a point in making a tut for this, becuase it's just an alteration of BarkBark00's chrome effect, so I don't think there is a need.


Overall, the best solution for a numberplate is BarkBark00's chrome effect, and putting a border arround the text, then motion blurring ( :MotionBlur: ) some added noise ( :AddNoise: ) on a new layer ( :AddNewLayer: ) and then cutting out the parts you dont want. Simple realy - If you want to know how ot make a number plate - then this is it :mrgreen:

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