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Hi all,

I have very stupid question, because I can not figure out how to change background on the photo.

Example : If I made photo of the object and background is chairs, or floor, or anything that doesn't fit to it, how I can change it in paint white or black background.

I would appreciate your help

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Use Search to look for a tutorial called 'Cutting Out Images the Easy Way', which will describe how to isolate the background of your photo to edit it.

Also, when you get the hang of that tutorial, for a crisper and more professional cut-out, perhaps you could invest a little time in alpha masking ( plugin | tutorial ) that uses the principles of the Cutting Out tutorial, but combines it with a plugin. Depending how well you trace, you can result some fantastic photo-manipulations.

Hope this helps you somewhat.


Also, your topic title could do with a little more description for easy recognition by other members, this is outlined in the Rules, so I'm not on some dictator-trip. Many thanks :).

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Per the rules (number six), all threads must have a descriptive thread title. I'm afraid I need to lock this. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in a new thread with a better title. :-) Thanks!

Thread Locked


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