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1 word sentences game.

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Something I did on another forum, the rules are simple, say, I start off the one word sentence with, Cakes, the the next poster would say, "are" or, "or", then the next person would say, "tasty" and it keeps on going on a and on.Going for the run on sentence record :P

I guess I'll start, Paint.net


"Everybody Has luck, some people just don't know how to use it."

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Actually, DeviantMind, a thread exists that is almost identical to this. Sorry.

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


"I wish I had never been born," she said. "What are we born for?"

"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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^^What they said. One word is not better than three. :-)

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The Doctor: There was a goblin, or a trickster, or a warrior... A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.
Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
River Song: I hate good wizards in fairy tales; they always turn out to be him.

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