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Hi everyone, my name is Dani and I just got the digital body to my Canon Rebel and am SOOO exicted. I have photoshop, but am findingit a bit complicated (I am using a version I am not familiar with, as the version I used in school was one of the first, and the one I have, is new) so I thought Paint.Net would be nice to start out with.

I have a history in photography, and am UBER excited to have the digital body. I have been using film for years, and I was SOOO beyond ready to make the leap, but didnt have the funds. WOOT! Anyhow, this is my most recent work... its my son, he's a cutie, I know, lol!

Anyhow, I was hoping somoene could tell me how to do borders?? For this one, I just used the rectangle select tool. and cropped a bit, and made a second layer black and pasted it over it. But I know I am limited with my borders that way. Any help is GREATLY appreciaited!!!


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Hey DaniMomma2007, welcome to the forums! Please start by reading the rules, especially #6 which will tell you why I've locked this thread. Thanks.

The rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446

Thread Closed

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