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Banner Template with rounded top corners

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I'm new to Paint.net and I'd like to stick with it. I want to create some banners that will be used in a rotating banner image so they all need to be the same size. I have an original image that is rectangular with both top corners rounded. Can Paint.net allow me to take a template outline of the original image that can be applied to other images to crop out a new image with rounded top corners just like the original?

If this is possible I'll need really specific instructions :?


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If you have the image of just the banner and the edges are transparent all you have to do is drop the saturation and lightness down and it becomes black and still retains the antialiasing.


Then once you have it black add a new layer under it, fill it with white, flatten it and save it. Now when you have an image that you want in the shape of the banner just use the alpha mask plugin (search for it ;) ) and you got your banner. Hope this helps


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If you have the image of just the banner and the edges are transparent

Thanks jake2k. Unfortunately the top rounded corners are not transparent, the backgroud is white to blend to a white background. I thought they were transparent until I took another look after reading your post.

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use the Rounded Rectangle tool :RoundedRectangleTool: to draw your banner

Thanks for your help. The two bottom corners need to be square, not rounded.

After you've made the rounded rectangle, simply use the rectangle select and select the bottom portion of your image, and delete it, it will have a square bottom then.

Something like this:


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maybe you should post the image then i can help you better

Sure.. this is one of three default images that rotate in the banner position of the site. The reflected section with gradient fill across the bottom will be the next issue.


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