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PDN in Class-Teachers and Tut Creators check it Out-

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*Mods this idea was approved by David.Atwell

Hello fellow PDN members :wink:,

In response to this thread: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=22643, our very own, Sabrown100 has created a forum directed toward, specifically teaching using PDN. This site will be a teaching tool, providing teachers with 'Child Friendly' tuts, and allow them to ask questions, and even to display their students works.

The reason I'm posting here, is because My self, along with Sabrown are asking YOUR help. We need help from this community to get this forum going. This of course includes creating tuts, or even just friendly faces (well I guess user names) to see around the forum helping others.


*Note this is of course not trying to replace this forum. This forum is strictly to help teachers teach with PDN.

Please Help us to Help you!


(wow, I just proof read what I wrote, must be feeling cheesey :wink: )


Support Our Troops, End The War

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I honestly believe you are looking at this in the wrong way.

Many schools now have DNS server guards that can tell if a forum is present. What needs to be done is a tight nit integration of a Wiki and Website dedicated towards learning Paint.NET. I as well as a few others have a project working towards learning Paint.NET.


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Are there really going to be any strict guidelines for tuts.. Like here it has to be an interesting affect, that hasn't been done one thousand times. With there be a less strict tutorial writing rule?

Me and sabrown100 have been talking about this, the guidelines aren't going to be strict, but guidelines may be created, just so know but wastes their time creating unnecessary tuts. Similar to how this forum is, except sometime tuts get created multiply times here and are simply locked, we are hoping to avoid having to lock so many threads


Support Our Troops, End The War

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