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It borthers me

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Following error messagebox bothers me. (refer to the following screenshot)

So, I click the debug button, then error is occured in following line(marked red color).

public SingleInstanceManager(string moniker)


int error = NativeConstants.ERROR_SUCCESS;

if (moniker.IndexOf('\\') != -1)


throw new ArgumentException("moniker must not have a backslash character");


this.mappingName = "Local\\" + moniker;

this.hFileMapping = SafeNativeMethods.CreateFileMappingW(



NativeConstants.PAGE_READWRITE | NativeConstants.SEC_COMMIT,




error = Marshal.GetLastWin32Error();

if (this.hFileMapping == IntPtr.Zero)


throw new Win32Exception(error, "CreateFileMappingW() returned NULL (" + error.ToString() + ")"); }

this.isFirstInstance = (error != NativeConstants.ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS);


My environment are following:

OS : Windows XP SP2

visual studio 2008

source code: 3.22

In my pc, Paint.net 3.22 (binary) is installed and works well. Only source code doesn't work well.

At first, an error (for several missing files: I posted before) occured. but I copied the missing files from product version(3.22) to Debug directory in open source code(also 3.22), then everything seemed to be ok.

But unfortunately, above error occured.(is called "Don't send error" ).

It really borthers me!

Please help me.



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You need to read the rules - #6, specifically, will tell you why I'm locking this.

Thread Locked


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