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After using Paint.NET for a while I started to like it a lot. There is just one thing that bugs me and that is the interface. Feature wise Paint.NET has enough to keep me going, but the interface has some very annoying aspects.


A multi document interface is great, though not as implemented in Paint.NET. The tabs are annoying.

Better would be to do it like Photoshop where I can maximize the main program window and keep the image window smaller. It would keep the pallets always outside the image.

This would prevent the image disappearing behind pallets when zooming into a part of the image.

It also helps when copying parts of one image to another for example. Less switching because you can have 2 images on your screen instead of 1. With widescreen monitors nowadays this would be very handy.

The colorpicker

It is full featured but also huge!!

If you would move a small version of the color picker to the tools pallet it wouldn't occupie valuable screenspace (see attached image). Clicking on the front or background color would then popup a full featured color picker.


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The color choose used to be on the Tools window. Most people prefer it in its current form. You're the minority in this one :D

If you need the screen space, use they keyboard shortcuts for showing/hiding the windows. Click the Windows menu to find out which one is which.


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Putting the color choose box on the tools box separated it logically from the color wheel in the users' eyes. It was a bad thing.

As for the MDI suggestion: I like it too, but I've always sort of assumed that it wasn't possible with the way PdN is coded at the moment.


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