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-The Guess That Image Game!-

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*This game is supposed to be not only fun, but also a learning tool, hopefully this game will teach users how different effects work, and the capabilities of the effects on PDN.*

Point Of The Game

*The point of the game is to guess the effects used in the current drawing. Take your best guess at what effects the image is made of. Don't worry if you don't get it right, it's a learning process. You can guess an unlimited amount of times, just keep in mind that you can't guess two times in a row.

Here's an example of how this will work.

Person 1: Random Lines and Shape 3D?

K.Digennaro: Wrong

Person 2: Random Lines and Twist?

K.Digennaro: Correct.

How to Win

Well, in order to win you must obtain the most points. There can be 1-5 points awarded per round. (Depending on how many effects are used in the image) For every effect you guess correctly, you will be awarded 1 point. If you guess all the effects in the image you will receive one point for every effect (keep in mind the max amount of points is 5). If you guess all the right effects in the right order you will receive 2 bonus points. Points will be kept track on a 'Score Board'.


-Effects only! No adjustments! No tool Bar!

-You can only use up to 5 effects on a drawing! (This makes guessing a little easier.)

*Everyone rate their drawings (easy, medium, hard scale).

Easy- Use of 1-3 effects in this drawing. Medium- Use of 4 effects in drawing. Hard- Use of 5 effects in drawing.

-People may guess as many times as they want, but only one time in a row.

-The first person to guess the effects right gets to create the next image.

-IMAGE SIZE: 500x500

-No layer properties etc.

-Layers may be used, but image must be flattened and saved as a *.JPEG or .*PNG.

*Remember the point of this game isn't so much to create a beautiful image, but to teach some one something that didn't know about an effect.

*Please let me know if you believe there should be rules added/subtracted. This is a new contest please give me your ideas.



Current Image

Rating: Easy, 3



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... Don't know the other two.


Because effects can cause transparency/alpha pixels, let us save it as a .png please. .jpeg dosen't preserve transparency.

one point awarded for you.

also i agree with the PNG, so i added it as well.



Clouds, Oil Paint, Dents

Good guess mike, clouds, then dents.

1 point for you (because clouds was already guessed.)

Im gona give a little hint on the third hint because there are several plug ins that can go this effect.

The hint is: BLUR

edit: person to get score the most points on one image gets to draw the next image, if it is a tie then the last person to score a point gets to, so unless mike or yata guess the next effect the next image will be created by the next point getter.


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3 effects were used, so according to the first post, this gets an easy rating. But I think this will be a bit harder than 'easy' ;)

we should decide whether the person who created the image runs the whole guessing thing, of if the person ( in this case yata, pms me the answer and i run it. any suggesitons?


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one point for ash, score board will be updated shortly.

also yata, feel free to run this for your image, id be happy to help you. and of course update the front page etc. but feel free to take over with your image for now. ill jump back in and give you a hand.

edit: fixed double post

draw with custom brush, gaussien blur, pol2rect

pol2rect correct, other 2 false :P


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