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Mexican Hat Edge Detect

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Don't we have an edge detect already? Actually, stuff the rhetoric, we do. It's a default effect that comes with PdN. You can find it in the Stylize menu. Keep trying though - don't let me stop you! :mrgreen:


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I don't know, how the default-one works. I think it goes in a specific angle with scanlines over the image and the result is the first derive of the pixels in this direction.

Mine goes in x- and y-direction with the second derive and combines the two results (Laplace-filter). First, it reduces the noise with a gaussian blurr.

-> Laplace-Kernel:

0 1 0

1 -4 1

0 1 0

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The difference:

The default one only detects angles in a certain direction. Mine detects all edges.

See on the image, how some edges aren't detected by the default-one.

The ui of mine is simple. Just a slider to controll the amount of noise-reduce.

First image: Really nice result with noise-reduce = 1 and then normalized (See viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23154 ). :D



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