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Circumference Pattern

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First of all, I just found this software about an hour ago, and I'm loving it. The interface is very intuitive, and it's very easy to do things. However, I do have a small problem...

I'm trying to make a ring with a certain pattern on the outside circumference. Is there way I can go about doing this, without having to duplicate a layer 50 times and manually position them around the circle?

Also, is there any way transform layers like you could in Photoshop? The only thing I've found I could do is rotate a layer with the pivot in the centre of the canvas.


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Eh, I think I might've worded that wrong. I just meant using a small image, like say, a triangle, and just covering the circumference with triangles angled away from the centre.

EDIT: Or something like the attached image.


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you will need 2 pligins first (use search or goto my googlepage to find the links to plugins and stuff)

Align Object

Rect to Polar

1. start with a square canvas (I used 600x600)

2. draw 2 horizontal lines from side to side using the " :LineCurveTool: " (hold shift key while doing this will let you easily draw horizontal & parallel lines.

3. Use Align object to center the lines.

4. Draw triangles or any shape you want. Whatever facing down will be facing out once you run Rect to Polar plugin.

5. Use Rect to Polar.



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Hm, once I use Rect to Polar, it just warps the image I want to use. How do I make it actually cover a circumference? As in, how do I go from have one triangle to surrounding a circle with lots of them like you have in your image?

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Also, is there any way transform layers like you could in Photoshop?

Might be planned in an upcoming release. Check http://getpaint.net/roadmap . :-)


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