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The Official Homeschool or Homeschool Wanna-Be Club -thread

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It's true, there are a lot of teachers that you really just want to tell to go shove it up themselves. But for every bad teacher, I'm sure you'll come across another very good teacher that really makes your time worth it. Human contact with such teachers (and other students in the same class) is really something that you can't emulate on a computer screen.

About the stress issue, from my own experience, stress is only hard to bear when we procrastinate or goof off. Otherwise, it's generally very mild.

But seeing as I am a freshman, what the heck do I know about stress, right? :wink:

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Let's put it this way: We attribute the phrase "God Complex" to people in the medical profession the most. It should be attributed to teachers >_<

I guess you've had some bad teachers over time, because this year, with the exception of my Biology teacher, all of my teachers have been pretty fine.


Anyways, gah, I hate not reading dates of posts.

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