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I've been doing some testing of PNG support under, first, IE7, under the direction of Greg Roelefs, who doesn't do Windows. That support is, essentially, excellent, and should recover a lot of the lost prestige over PNG support in earlier versions of IE.

But now my attention has turned to looking at other applications, and I'm choosing Paint.NET as an implementation of the .NET imaging routines. Is that fair? For example, if Paint.NET doesn't handle some aspect of PNG support, is it fair to assume that it's .NET that doesn't handle it not Paint.NET, itself?

In particular, a test for support for PNG color correction can be seen at http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/png-colortest.html . No known browser renders this correctly, but a surprising number of applications do (extracting the images on the page). For example, Windows system functions (like Preview under Windows Explorer) works beautifully in Vista but not in XP. However, Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer works perfectly under both XP and Vista. I'm guessing that P&FV (and Office Picture Manager) share the routines used by system for Preview. Curiously, FrontPage 2003 has this support, too, while FP2002 does not.

All Adobe products I tested failed to support this aspect of PNG.

Reporting results...

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