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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I didn't even finish through the turn at Flugplatz. I just got the picture, then got out of there.

(No, I do not have the turn names memorized. I have a satellite image with the names on it as a reference. :))

Now, in the same vein:


I am not a mechanism, I am part of the resistance;

I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

~ Becoming the Archetype

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I gave it a try:

(sorry I'm having a pink period)

Pink is nice :)

You might wanna give the outer ring a bit more color :)

Nice work barkbark! If only there was a better way to re-create the cuts in the middle of the image...all that would be left would be to add a semi-transparent outline to make it appear curved...anyone have any brilliant ideas?

Is this what you had in mind?



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