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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Inspired by mono- the only program with the ability to run .NET programs :bowdown:


Bigger and longer:


Microsoft GIF Animator messed up the positioning of the panels :x

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TinSolider: Thanks. I was just messing with median blurs and the outline effect and came up with that. I'm working on making some kind of wax seal effect. That image is the first time I have been able to make the "highlight" look that realistic without hand drawing it.


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Thanks for the compliments guys! Here's an updated version:


I just changed the orb and wires :wink:

@aatwo: Thats looks really cool, you could easily turn that into a nice sig

@barkbark00: That kinda looks like blood or maybe red silk, I bet it would look sweet with a nice "silky" background.


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Hellfire010, I would suggest a text with color and less detail. As it is right now, the text is a little too "busy" and it's taking the viewer's attention away from the fish. I would also change the background color to a plain white or even a subtle white-to-grey gradient.

Other than that, it looks pretty damn good, especially the flame's dented tail end. Thanks for bringing that concept to light.


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Hmmmmmmm..........I can't remember wheather I've posted here before but anyway......

I've posted my most recent/favourite :lol: stuff on this post, but if you want to see a full list of pretty much everything I've done/Is worth seing :lol: , then go here (lots of pretty pictures on a ver big page :D )!






Enjoy!!! OH and don't forget to check out the full page here!

Zacariem 8)

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We did.

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well... lets post something i made :D

I made these 2 for photo masher on starwars.com (whe had to mash-up star wars renders and make something funny/weird of it)



i drew this and later i colored it on paint.net :D


and i made this banner for a site i would make a little time ago but i didn't have enough time to make it so i stopped :P



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