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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Here's Something I made...

It's 100% PdN :D


Comments Appreciated


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Bye Paint.NET!

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@Ash i tried to remake your glass and decoration balls.


Any tips? I used a white semi transparent background and S3D to make the glass...

EDIT: It looks very bad imo, I had to make the glass opaque so many times feather then transparent... over and over again. resulting in the bad edges

Hint: It's not just the semi transparent background, also needs borders & Gradients.

Do NOT use feather, that's how you mess up the edges for glassy objects.

I'm testing some new plugin:


Looking good.




Couple of sigs.

Still looking for advice on how I can create that 'gloss effect'.

Can anyone give me some advice on making this glossy, like pyrochild's sig? I have tried to the various tuts for buttons, but they don't give the desired effect.


Add new layer

1st color white 2nd alpha=0



If you want it just like pyro's

Draw white color filled shape ( :RectangleTool: in :ShapeInterior: mode )

Distort (Sine wave and such)

Place in correct location on canvas ( :MoveTool: )

Use Transparency plugin (by BoltBait)

Add new layer & repeat (different settings & location)

Done (that's the way I would do it)


some text effect i worked on when i was bored:


i really wanted it to have the effect of a photoshopped text i saw a while back, but i guess i was too ambitious...or im just not trying hard enough. :mrgreen:

Looks good to me, but if you are not happy with it, post the link to the PS tut, and lets see if we can make it even better :)


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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It seems a bit too misshapen. Maybe tone down the glow or round it out a bit. But I love the effect!


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Gears seem to be popular lately so I thought I'd give 'em a try.

Thanks Ash for the kick-off. This was just a "make two and copy them" kind of thing. If I were going to get serious I'd make them individualy so I could change the reflections, shading, ect.


One suggestion for anyone wanting to try and do gears. Pay a little more attention to the teeth than I did. Few gears really have "pointed teeth", the tips are just too weak to take the strain and are more often than not, flat or ground tipped (unless of course we're talking watch gears or something delicate), just something to keep in mind.

Topezia - I checked, and the best I can do on the "PDN Towers" I did, is to tell you what I remember. I'll PM if you want. I've got to get more organized about my drawing if I'm going to be sharing how I did things. Sorry.

And no, it doesn't look 'zactly like a supository. But for a bomb, maybe change the top end to some fins or at least flat. Love the coloring. :D

Thanks, I'd love if you could post me what you remember. I got to get more organized too and lately I got rid of lots of rubbish and I want to start to use more the script lab to save nicer stuff effects but I am not sure if I have to save used effects settings manually or if there's a way to do it automatically :?:

@Ash: (tried to thumbnail Prettydarnneat image following the lionhearted advice but I think I am doing something wrong) I've been up to brushed metal all day changing settings of light rays, zoom blur, radial blur, gaussian blur+ twisting and retwisting but each time I watched yours I started back again and my result now is ...an intense headache , cause Ash is Ash while I am an < no swearing > :lol:

@Janettsue: this little messy thing is to thank you for the cat and forgive me if I had to stretch a bit the poor little thing to give impression of flight :D ("A cat in paradise"?)

@bdwashi: did you draw that tailor yourself? (if you did you must be very good at drawing!)

@Zelda Guru: I like that graffiti may be you could improve the coloring of the fist, but nice!

@MixMax: Lovely picture!


and I like very much the colors of this image I made:


ciao ciao

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Ash, nice w.i.p. (a giant assembly plant for robots?) but I am waiting a tut for the :Up: brushed metal!

@Tourist I saw it now while browsing pages to search for Ash' post.... Cute dolphin/shark :D button!

Did you check out the PDN file I posted for the brush metal? Are you sure you still need the tut after you study the PDN file?

I don't understand what you are talking about with Tourist? What did you see while searching for my posts? :shock: :idea: :arrow: :x :):D:( :oops: :o :cry::|:mrgreen: :AddNoise: :AddNewLayer: :twisted: :roll: :evil: :cry: :shock: :lol: :? 8)

And people, people, please learn to use thumbnails when quoting. :idea:

Enjoy the WIP 8)


Oh. Mi. Gallegaskins. I can't wait to see what comes out of this. :)

Might be a while, that is just a small part of the whole. :P

Whats with all the smileys?

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