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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I made this:


I didnt know what to do with it :?

Yup, those green lines are made with twist.

Also, you cant really see it, but I put some motion blur lines in the back :)

Yea i saw those, really nice, adds to the picture. Did you add a layer, use Effects>Renders> Bars and made them sepia? Because it kinda looks like that..

Nah, I did the harder way. I used Add Noise, then motion blur, then some messing sround with the opacity and stuff.

Anyways, thanks for the comments :D

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This is a poster I made for my brothers band called spitfire. I am pretty proud of it.

Looking pretty good, my only suggestion would be to maybe blend the edges of the middle water drop (or wat ever that is) into the background, it just doesnt look quite right to me.

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My newest picture is my sig.


I was going to put a second render in there, but it didn't fit right.. :x

I give gigantic credit to whoever made the soften edges plugin, that saved my life on this one.

No more blurring edges for me!

(This picture was about 25 or so layers, I tried to make a liquify effect from Photoshop, but failed horribly. I gave up and finally settled with dents and a gaussian blur. :| )

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Salu, Leon is way cute

topezia the bracelet is nice but what I really like is the background

tourist like the tree, very creative

Thanks, that is just one of Madjik's breed :) (vibrato set on the reds only plus a zoom with layer rotate/zoom)

Lots of beautiful staff (vlad vampire I like those colors it seems like you started from a rainbow twist :?: ) here

I made some ethnic furniture (that's how it looks like to me at least...)


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