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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I generally read in bed until I fall asleep. Last night I was reading a trashy novel, and there was this one phrase that really struck me as odd sounding. It was ..... with a solid splash. Now that is just odd splashes by their very nature are not solid. :?:

the old juices just came alive and this morning I just had to capture what my impression of a solid splash would be.


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Oma; like it and the border.

Jake2k; oow, shiny.

Bill; Why does the seal got it's mouth open? What is it about to eat :) ?

Here is my flat dog, I know it is silly. And a robot I copied from some robot movie.



Make a Paint Brush paintbrush.gif Make a Cue Stick poolstick.gif Make a Rope rope.gif

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two new plugins to play with.

:D guess which ones.


when Deviant art is back up after maintenace I'll add a really big copy there and you can look at the details. will be back to give a link later.

edit here is the da link. http://omagrandmother.deviantart.com/ar ... t-78665586 look at it full size over there 1500 x 1500 and you will see details like sewing etc.

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@ Oma: I want that hanged in my house! Beautiful! (splatter and multicolor gradient :roll: :?: :?: )

I do not know either how a solid splash may look like but I see some wonderful textures that remind me of all these things together:

Fluid crystal, onix, a mineral with glass blue quartz and something like satin and velvet! Wow (how do you do the frames? Lovely)

@Silverhammer: I like that poster with the robot it is funny and very well drawned (are you a professional cartoonist?)

@Tourist: I like that dog and the robot head, nice ones

Ciao ciao

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@Salu---Nicey carrot :) However, the top looks kinda inconclusive. From my viewpoint, it looks like a bullet spewing vines/plants :). Maybe make the carrot itself thinner or longer. Still a nice carrot.

A quickie: I think I made a pill. Or maybe a new gem. Actually, I'm not sure what it is XD:


All comments welcome :D

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PrettyDarnNeat that is pretty darn neat

I submitted something for the photo manipulation contest. This is not the one I submitted so I thought it would be alright to post it here. This one was enjoyable. I went for a more hung painting look for my submission.




"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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