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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!

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Lot of nice jobs here!

@Oma I like your butterflies especially the movement you gave them and the texture underneath, I wanted to thank you cause I followed your advice (that is why it is important to receive advices from skilled people or else we shall never be able to improve) of adding texture to the bricks (noise plus relief) and now the bricks look really bricks (and I'll add that on my little notepad under "how to make bricks" :D) while the rest sucks :lol: (but I'll keep working on that... and to say my thanks I enclose you a flower I made a while ago:


and I liked the flowers too, ( but you are right about the sparkling )

@janettsue: I love your collage and it is funny cause I started something similar - not as beautiful as yours - and never ended it (attached here :Down: )

@pluberus: Love that borealis!

@barkbark00: Cool signature!



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wow what a night for the pictorium.

kreeos those bank notes look like old german money. maybe just tone/wash out the colors a bit think maybe brightness/contrast might work. you know what would be awesome is if you did that wrinkled paper and overlaid this note on it. old tatered looking $. ????

expiration you sure can draw. that is excellent foreshortening of the guys sighting arm.

bb well what can I say that splash.jpg tes is wonderful look like gooy sticky stuff is on the screen.

Pleuberus I added you to my watch list over on DA and added a comment to one of your works in your gallery. excellent job.

janet sue well as always exceptional work. I like the colors in this one. is that one of madjics plug ins?

andRoll good translation of a pic from Photoshop to Paintnet.

salu what a hubbly bubbly happy picture. I know you said a plug in but which one. that is so good.

topezia I love the flower! its so pretty. thank you. glad the bricks turned out better with a bit of texture. looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

tourist, now that cable is perfect. steps please?

FLNagle welcome don't think I've seen you on the pictorium before nice flyer.

excellent work everyone. check in with you all tomorrow, I'm off to play with my paint.net.


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Thank you DarkShock. :D

Yours has a great look to it as well.

expiration you sure can draw. that is excellent foreshortening of the guys sighting arm.

salu what a hubbly bubbly happy picture. I know you said a plug in but which one. that is so good.

Thanks for the compiment Oma! :mrgreen:

As for Salu, I think she used the Random Dot plugin (but this is only a guess). (great wallpaper btw)

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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Salu I like that, what pugin did you use?

tourist may I ask how you got that twist?

Thanks oma, I made a grid and put gradiants of different colors in each. It took sometime. I used a lot of different effects. It is true, I love madjik's plugins and boltbait's and Ed's and pyro's and...



"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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A new sig concept. A customer wanted a Japanese house so I found myself having to draw one. I blackened it out and edited it with PdN, the trees I made with dents and triangles, and the background using some of Ash's tutorial. The font just happened to match, and the border was a poor attempt at trying to make a glass border without a tutorial. For so many mess ups, I dont think it is half bad :D


Edit: I will post a link to the larger 1000x300 version with the PDN if anyone wants to take a look at it.


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@Tourist: That cable thing is amazing and funny the way it rotates if you scroll it (if you do not like it as a cable you could change the color and turn it into a liquorice stick :D that's what reminded me at first look) and yes tell us how you did it!

@Oma thanks

I definetely agree I love all Madjik's plug-ins, here is something that reminds me a bit of Madjik's fantastic ribbons tutorial, but made just with color adjustments and plug ins :D


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Great stuff on here. I like the zoomed weave thing you did, topezia. And I am very partial to the refinement of the pastel effect that Janetsue discovered. Other things are great also. The more ya'll post, the more ideas I get. Thanks.

The main components of the cables are [diagonal lines( as a template)] and [shape 3d, cylinder]. Every "strand" was a separate layer. I duplicated each strand layer and added [median blur], [drop shadows] and [gaussion blur] to the top duplicate. Then flattened and [shape 3d, cylinder (some settings)]. Maybe when it is refined I will write a tutorial for it.

Make a Paint Brush paintbrush.gif Make a Cue Stick poolstick.gif Make a Rope rope.gif

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:shock: Wow!! That's awesome. What's your DA so I can watch you? Great job!

My first graphic that I placed on deviant art to be sold. It probably won't sell any copies but at least I know how the system works when I get really good at graphics designing (give me a couple more years :D ):


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@Tourist: Thanks and please post that tutorial soon!

@Pluberus I like your auroras

@Madjk it is astonishingly beautiful (may be the colors are a bit too dark to my taste but if that is a metallic flower coming out from some sort of informatic circuit it should look like that I suppose) but a wonder anyhow

Glass sea snake in glass water?



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