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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I still like spheres...

I used my ThetaCurves DLL (beta version with some bugs)...


Also the gradient effect and the new distorb sphere effect...

EDIT: link added http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=12461#12461


(ok need some more blur...)

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Here is a reacreation of a flourescent light. Just an Idea I had. Wierd but it looks pretty realistic.


Here is an orb reflected on water. I used the dent effect and then squashed the water and reflection horizontally to give a ripple effect.


I mixed colors and I also use Thetacurves to get this realistic flower: What do you think ?.

I like it

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Tubular? What is that?

I really don't know ! ! :lol: No no ! Of course i know what it is !

You're in space into a spacecraft , you're flying very fast ! Into the " cockpit " you have two "" monitors "" ( i don't know if it 's the right word ) . And you can see your position compared to the Armada flying in front of you .

Joke on :

The first is through the "" windshield "" , a great invention of the French ingineers from Airbus )

The second , less beautiful has been invented by the US engineers from Boeing


Hope you have a sense of ...French humour !!

Joke off

Here is the same pic with changes


To be free To be wild

And to be Just like a child

Mike Oldfield


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hi everyone !!!

i've been lost for a while... :cry: but i'm back !!!! :twisted:

wow you guys have been doing some amazing pics !!!

and those barkbark00 plastic buttons WOW !!! thats awesome man !!!!, i will try it 8)

this is my first try in wallpapers


i hope you like it... :D

bytes :wink:


Sorry about my inglish... XD

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If you want an honest opinion, and im not trying to sound mean...Try using some other filters other than distorting...try duplicating the layer, using emboss or find edges, then change blending mode to screen, overlay, or lighten...

Theres a bunch of other stuff that can be done, not just distortions.

But nice work on the stuff, ive seen some great stuff come out of you guys.

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here is one i did, it looks like an andy warhol silkscreen. First i took a picture of myslef (from my cellphone, so it was really bad quality, mabe that helped) and then black and whited it. Then i played around with contrast and stuff and then did coulour replace ten different times then finnaly put them all into one image. neat eh? regarding the contrast effect, i did it to a pistol and wrote "Sin City Style" on it. Theres some font that looks almost the same as the one on the cover of sin city. Its really sweet, but i can upload it :x

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