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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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photo manipulation well its not 100% paint.net because i used a photo but I took the photo myself so I guess 90% paint.net. :wink:


edited to show original per topezia request below


Thanks Oma,

Still I did not guess how you did it, it looks pasteled but I think you did not use pastel, may be color adjustments plus something else?

I did use pastel and still didn't like the colors so did another layer of original picture and oil paint overlay.

@madjik new plugin coming? under textures?

love the little space ship.


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Thanks To Topezia and Trek for your kind comments - thus stuff is all a bit daunting for me at the moment.

I'm well impressed with the artwork from you guys - especially that neat spaceship from Madjik.

I'm just thinking about trying something for a sig, but not sure where to start.


The Sky is a Beautiful Place


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Majik, very cool space scene.

Janetsue, that is a great pastel effect. I used it on a few photos, I haven't found the right photo from my collection for the effect yet. Your's are great.

Make a Paint Brush paintbrush.gif Make a Cue Stick poolstick.gif Make a Rope rope.gif

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Gah! I didnt like how Jerkfight changed the background of his sig orange and black, so I made a new sig for him. I wonder how long it will take him to notice, if he does?


I think that it was good idea to make him a sig while keeping the main center of his sig :)

I have reworked my space abstract, and I really think this would make a cool wallpaper.


Open to all comments :D

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Hey guys I have been working on the sig for quite a while now and I only have one thing left to do and that is to make the ball in the center look more realistic in the center if you guys have any idea please fell free to tell me because I think this will be a good sig when it is done.


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Thank you! :D I think that might be by far the best abstract (well, best anything, I guess) that I've ever made. And to think that I started with a Fractal Mandelbrot and a Radial Blur. I didn't even think it would end up that good :) I made an ornament using Kaleidescope and a few more distorts, but I'll keep that until Christmas :D

@Salu, I rlly like ur siggy :D

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Those are amazing. You are quickly becoming the next Ash.

Pshh, yeah right. I wish I could be compared to Ash. :?

But thanks for the compliment! :)

it is actually sunny out today and fairly mild so I've these wonderful visions that spring is just around the corner

:lol: NOT! I live in northern Canada still snowy and brrrrrrr.


That is simply stunning Oma (as usual). Its so purdy ...

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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