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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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A very nice peice of work! Looks very realistic in the background, but perhaps a little more work on the ball itself?

Thanks. What do you mean/suggest for the ball itself? The background is actually just a zoomed version of the ball.

Total hack.

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This is what I finally did using PDN. I don't know if I should make a tutorial out of it.

It's a little different than my sig because I deleted the original off my computer, so this is what I made instead.


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Nice butterfly, Aile.

This is my pool table project so far. I think I am gonna have some problems with the pockets. Maybe I will use weave. I hope I can get the angles right... eew, it looks blocky in a .gif format. Oh well, it's not finished yet. When I finish it I will save it under some other format :) .


Looking good so far. But I think you need to work on the shape of your pockets; the top ones don't look too bad, but the centre pockets and the bottom ones are a strange shape. You'll see from the diagram below what I mean - I made a basic rectangle and 6 circles for pockets, then used Rotate Zoom to the approximate angle of your table. This simulates the pocket shapes you should be looking to replicate.


BTW - your wood texture for the surround is fantastic

Looking forward to the next update.


Ah hah! Thanks for the tip. I've been using shape 3-d for the whole project. Rotate-zoom makes more sense for some of it.

You only need shape3d to do the job with the right settings.


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When I so long ago wore this avatar, I didn't have a name for it. Gangster_Crab called it an "alien head on fire" and others agreed, but to this day I still don't see the alien :|


Do you see an alien?

dont worry i dont see no alien head either all i see is some cool randomness 8)


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