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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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ive really been working on my people drawing skills haha, i started with portraits now im working on cartoons, here are a couple black and whites.


Learned how to draw faces, still got some fine tuning to do, but that will come with practice.


Now this one isnt finished, obvisoualy. But im working on 'action poses'. This guy is going to be flying, i think i might redo the lines, i was just learning how to do it.



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I got into the yin-yang tutorial and after writing about a better (simpler) way to make a good yin-yang, I felt motivated to do another one. I made two versions of the same thing.

You can look at the tutorial here.


first one


now in 3D with tweaks


how do you like them?

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Hi Guy's I am back I have been on holiday for about 6 weeks I had a great time, but I see I have some catching up to do :D

Here is a WIP that I am working on, what do you think so far ?


Thanks and yes it is 100% PdN I started with a blank canvas I'm very pleased with the way it's shaping up :D

That's incredible :o

and welcome back of course :D

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