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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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hmm.. speaking of space stuff, I was messing around with fractal mandelbrot for awhile and I got inspired to make this:


I'm not too happy with the atmosphere...I didn't intend to put in so much dark blue and now I can't go back and fix it :(

I was also going for making a spaceship kinda like the Command Module of the Apollo missions, but I couldn't figure out how to make cone tops with shape 3D (well, a cone with a straight edge on top. Like : /--\ )


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Anyone want one of these?


I'll take one!

As for the first thing, I think I would take one just to show off to friends and to admire it's looks. :P

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I like how you maked the skull !

Little tut or is it just stock ?

It's actually a Gears Of War symbol render. I made it black then inverted the color to white and I set the layer it was on to Glow for the effect.

Here's a bigger version:


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Inspires by BB




I really like those! -- just a thought- try making the buttons a bit more 3D. It looks like you just incorporated them into the main device layer, so I would try adding them on a seperate and drop shadow or something -- just a thought :)

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Could someone help me? I did this a long time ago and I don't remember how I did this! Here's the image:


One thing I'm sure is that I followed the "Waves" tutorial, with some modified parameters, and then did some crazy stuff with the curves and blending modes. I tryed replicating it, but I had no luck. Could you help me, please?

EDIT: oops, I just realized that this is not the best place to put this... Yeah, that's also my avatar. I'll wait if someone helps, if not I'll just do a new thread for it.

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i tried to duplicate the Trend Micro start up for its virus protection, here is what i got, could it be a new sig? any suggestions :?:



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