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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I am liking all the Christmas sigs. I better get busy and make one.

I just liked the way this looked. If anyone is wondering I did that with polar inversion.



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Inspires by BB




I really like those! -- just a thought- try making the buttons a bit more 3D. It looks like you just incorporated them into the main device layer, so I would try adding them on a seperate and drop shadow or something -- just a thought :)

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Could someone help me? I did this a long time ago and I don't remember how I did this! Here's the image:


One thing I'm sure is that I followed the "Waves" tutorial, with some modified parameters, and then did some crazy stuff with the curves and blending modes. I tryed replicating it, but I had no luck. Could you help me, please?

EDIT: oops, I just realized that this is not the best place to put this... Yeah, that's also my avatar. I'll wait if someone helps, if not I'll just do a new thread for it.

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i tried to duplicate the Trend Micro start up for its virus protection, here is what i got, could it be a new sig? any suggestions :?:



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This nonexistent flower in the morning sunshine is for you all. 100% PdN, of course.


In this full-size detail it is easier to find defects:


Is there anyone who knows how to add smell in PdN? I cannot find the way. Please post a tutorial with detailed steps (and the plugin if required). Thanks.


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@Crazy Ninja: Thanks! Nice space pic, really like the sunshine effect :D . As for tips I think you should try to make the space ship thingy a bit more 3d. Don't know how though :?

@pyjo: That is outstanding! :o The flower is fantastic, but i also love the mountains in the backgroud!

Is there anyone who knows how to add smell in PdN?


@Kyselina: Looks cool :wink:


Made to images and faded them together and added som effects in WMM:


Know it's kinda lame :P At least the pictures I used are 100% Paint.NET :mrgreen:

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