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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!

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oma..where have u gone.The pictorium si lacking amazingness without u.well either ur workin on sometin but which i cant wait to see if u are or ur just away.

I'm here just contemplating what i should work on next.

spent the past week doing some pencil art to firm up in my mind various perspective views.

check my pencil sketches at my deviant art site. just clik on the link under my signature. you'll see what I've been doing this week. remember you can view any of those thumbnails at a larger size by just cliking on it in my gallery. go ahead have a peek.

now I can work out those angles into something I've been working on off and on for awhile. queen Betrix's castle. .

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2 things actually try to keep the post at 800x600 or under. And think about using cylinder with ball end in shape 3d. for the finger tips. and post after major phases of completion rather than every addition.

Aside from that just keep developing it. so far its great.

retired from PDN forums. Later dewds

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My try at a moon on a foggy or cloudy night rising over water.


Very nice, though the moon's refelection is a bit flat, if I do say so myself.

Anyways, here's basically a flash I made with the help of some other people (I mean, action script while it being useful is a HUGE pain in the but) of the few pages I made of the endorphin comic so far: http://ilia-and-link-lover.deviantart.c ... r-68194620

If anyone wants the background image I made posted, just ask me here, and also, can someone suggest any ideas for some looping music to put on for it?

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very nice mrap. about the only thing that strikes me incorrect is the little finger. hold your hand up in front of you palm to your eyes. see the little finger does it not come to the height of the first joint in your next finger over and is just a tad smaller in size width wise. .

your picture is showing all the digits at the same or just about same size.

now cup your hand as throwing a ball. facing about 3/4 towards you. this is the angle you are drawing here. what would you see over the ball/globe. it is only the little fingers tip that you are going to see not the first joint.

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I know it is phisically impossible to carve this on a pumpkin (because it never connects to the pumpkin,) but the carving is an ambigram. It says "Good" when it is upside down and "Bad" the regular way.


Original ambigram art:(looks like bod because I didn't have enough time to make the connector.)


original, original ambigram art:


original original, original ambigram art: (my base and upside-down)


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