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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Well, first of all, my siggy and av, my siggy is the first of that kind of siggy I've made...

here's some other stuff


It's a hand that's reaching out of the fire obviously


a simple sig I made


simple random thing


My favourite band, Relient K. Toon filter.


I guess it could be a wallpaper if it was bigger. "Hellfire And Brimstone"


Exploding planet. "Boom"

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To help: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=20309

As promised, I spent appx. 3 hrs on the flight. 8)

This is the basic idea, might need a bit more touch up.

Bent glass thingy....


It looks a lot better, though less realistic, than the windows logo thing. It is simply... amazing. I really need to take like 3 hours to work on a single something. I just want to say WOW to that. It's just... wow.

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Thanks :)

But this was the 1st attempt :wink:

I will try to find new methods and do some touch ups to make it better.

Not to mention sooner or later there might be a version 2 :P

BTW, since 1 glass block was made, the windows logo is the same idea, just draw it 4 times :)

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madjic I've been looking for that chainmail texture you've used in the background is this a text/wingding? or can you briefly explain the steps to acheive

thanks OMA

Ok well i'll try to redo it!

1. (Tip from Ash) Create a 3 colors gradient Black/White/Blue (proportions: 2/5,1/5,2/5 White is the smaller part)

(it works better if it's oblique).

2. Tiles reflection: Angle=45, Size=60, Curve=20.

3. Polar inversion: Amount=150, Qual=7.

4. Seamless texture, mode=3.

That's a start!

Good luck.

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