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That is actually quite clever CMD, you have each element on it's own layer and then the 'condensed' version which contain grouped elements. Can I ask, what is the advantage of having such grouping? I can understand keeping the individual component layers intact for easy editing, but wouldn't the condensed versions add clutter and/or confusion, or is it so you can quickly hide, say, the backdrop to view another aspect on its own merits?

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Can I ask, what is the advantage of having such grouping?

Well, the whole thing I wanted to do with this one was the "Paint.NET paints the world" look, having the color originating at the icons feet. I drew the image in layers, each part separately so I could edit them and change them until I liked the composition as a whole.

I wanted the outlines to continue to give a basic shape definition even if the color wasn't there, so I knew I'd need to have the outlines all on top of the other color layers. However, some color layers, such as the Tree colors, were on top of the background outlines. I guess I figured that it would be simpler to make each element [ Outlines | Fills ] their own compressed layers, removing any outline overlaps or crosses in the duplicates. That way, if I decided I didn't like the tree placement and wanted to move it, I would still have that outline of the background hill on it's own layer behind the trees old position.

So I made duplicates of all of 'em, merged them all together based on content, placed them on top of the originals, and put the white blocking layer between them. It also came in handy with the color layers when I wanted to experiment with the hue / saturation. You can see the difference between the Condensed Color and Condensed Color HC layers.

So yeah, I guess it was just what I figured would be easiest and allow for the most future edit flexibility. No devious master-plans. :wink:

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LilRedneck- it depends what you plan to do with it.

If you wanted to place the dogs on the grass, there shouldn't be a white outline around them, and the background should be sharper.

If you wanted to make some weird abstract you could mess with contrast and Curves + or something.

It just depends what the picture is for...

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