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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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@darkchilde_1977 now that is stunning. I love how you've done the trees. What did you end up doing as last post you said you needed to work on them.

Thank-You! I ended up scribbling in black the outline of the trees I wanted, in different sizes. Then I used the frosted glass effect on setting 2. Then I used oil painting on smallest brush size and maximum coarseness (actually had to repeat the oil painting twice or three times I think). The trees were on a separate layer than the background and the 'ground' they sit on. If I had seen Jezulkim's thread on starfields I would have used that! But maybe next time eh?

Is it worthy of a tut you think?

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There are some nice images being posted. Sozo I have Hubble space images and yours would fit right in. Oma your cube is delightful and I liked zookeys christmas ornaments. Ash you always wow me. darkchild if you did a tut I for one would try it. I'm a real tut hog. Did yata post anything tonight? I'm going to have to admire everything again. I spent my time doing tutorials today. Smiles and congrads to Buzzkill on the sig of the week.

PS Killer bee Madjik


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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Just throwin' this out there.

New avatar!



Awesome aurora. :)


I really like this one:




You have a long name. :P

I like the smoky-clover - I like how there is very little definition on the outer edges, just barely enough so one can extrapolate the shape. Good composition.

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@ Buzzkill and Crazy Man Dan Thank you :D Glad you noticed the edges. It wasn't intentional at first but it sure made a difference for the final draft in my opinion... Yeah I do have a long name. Too bad I can't change it.

@Twisted Whiskers I love the horse. :o

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This hasn't gotten any interest in the Skinning thread, so I'd just like to post this here:

Note: This is my first EVER project with anything better than MSPaint. Google Logo copyright Google, Earth picture property of NASA.

Note, The Links, Logo, and Earth Picture are all that is not my own doing.



My dA - 2 New Images (Oil Painting of face & Exploding Planet Starscape - 18/11/07) & 1 new Haiku ("Love: I Remember" - 21/11/07)

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