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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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now i made this avatar and signature :D

only the avatar isn't as nice as i wanted it to be but i still like it ^^ :D

but i don't know what text i could put in the sigh :/

help me :D

and i had to make this for a friend :roll::P


he likes quads (obviously :roll:)


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Nice job, hollander.

Would come in handy if you wanted to re-use it for a wallpaper or signature. At least it's better than your last one (the so-called five minute one), it wasn't the best you've done, to be honest.

I think it's the worst avatar I've ever done. I think the reason is because it wasn't 100% Paint.NET. It was 100% Inkscape :oops:

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