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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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it would be neat to see a fractal plugin for Paint.NET...

Isn't there one (or two) in the CodeLab examples?

Here are the two CodeLab examples for everyone to see...



The Julia Codelab generated dll does not have any sliders whereas the Mandel one does. Maybe someone wants to start with these...

If I knew how to write code I would but... I don't so, I won't.


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This is a video that represents what I have accomplished in the last six weeks with pdn. At the very least it has great music.

I don't like to mention this to often, I am agoraphobic. It just means forums are hard for me. I have found this to be a kind and safe place to be.

Well, I have some tutorials to work on.

My husband always dances with me when they play this song.

I'm in vaccation at my parents'house and borrowing my mother's PC...

You just gave me five (4:47sec exactly) of extra vaccation (for my mind).

That's a great video. Thanks...

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