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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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I tried the jitter for torn page edges but like my old method better, so I'll be going back and editing that at a latter date.

did this one just because pink flowers make me happy. This picture is of the flowers on my deck. very amature compared to troopers photo manipulations but don't worry I'll get the hang of it soon.


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After 1000 posts I figured it was about time. :D

So in celebration, I present for your viewing: my second sig/avatar ever.

Yes, that's correct. I've only had two. The reasons for this is because I believe that my sig/avatar should say something about me and/or my artistic ability and don't want to put up the first thing that looks cool. Guess I'm weird like that. :roll:

While I have your attention for a brief moment I would like to thank the wonderful wonderful PDN community for being such a cool group of people to hang out with. Thank you everyone for helping me out at the beginning and being patient with me.

When I first joined I think only two people (rick and boltbait) were above 1000 posts. Since then...I've stopped counting. Here's to another 1000 posts and another 6 months of PDN goodness! :D

And for posterity my old avatar/sig:


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Welcome to the 1000+ Post Club, tLh! 8)

When I first joined I think only two people (rick and boltbait) were above 1000 posts

Not true. Trickman and (I think) Bob along with others that I don't remember the name of was over 1000 when you registered.

"The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write anything you want and give it a false source." ~Ezra Pound

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Errrr, in February, not me.

Maybe CMD, but I'm not even sure of this, I think he's right, there was only trickman and Boltbait with more than 1000 posts.

To be a bit on topic, I disagree with Boltbait, your B&W wings should not be colored.

No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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Wow! I miss checking in here one night and there is an explosion of new pictures.

everyone is really doing great, can see some real impressive work,

aile first I've got to say that Here's my heart is just so pretty!

and ares I like yours i checked with boltbaits steganography plug in just in case you hide something didn't see a picture of you but is that your fingerprint?

aguba real good work on withers tutorial I keep saying I'm going to put a picture of this one on the board but mine just are not coming out near as nice as yours.will have to keep at it.

Lionhearted What a new avatar and a new signature....! congrats on 1000

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