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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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You took the idea right outta my head, now I'm gonna get ya!! You better get in your mustang and drive fast :lol::lol::P

That was gonna be one of my up coming projects :P

But very nice!! :)

My one a day...

This has to be the best image I have put out in quite sometime now.

Quite possibly "ever".


Man, I like that. It reminds me of some fantastical, vaulted, water-filled catacomb.

Yes I like it too! And agrees with Trooper.

@oma & trooper: I usually use the term "skinning" not only for games, but for anything 3d that I work on, like...I made a "skin" for a moon and use either "lens" or "shape3d" to "apply the skin".


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Took the family to the zoo today and was lucky enough to arrive right after a rather heavy storm. Wet shoes aside, the animals were playful and the kids loved it and all the flowers had those wonderful water drops on them. I had a digital camera. Here's a quick manipulation I whipped up tonight before heading off to bed:


I was trying for a subtle effect on the flower, don't know if I achieved that. The background was from another pic taken today, blurred and muted to help the flower stand out.

The actual .pdn is linked on my site. As with most .pdn's, it's big (~3mb). It does however contain another pink flower, who along with the blue one shown, was not harmed in the making of this manipulation.

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Just realized that I haven't posted up here much lately.

Here's some abstract art for you all. These are some of my recent Paint.NET only pieces. For those up at dA you may have seen these already, sorry. :wink:




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wow page 342, awesome work by everyone. Thanks for comments.

madjik, those flower gem pads or whatever are cool and I like how you threw in their your tree gen.

ash you have been crazy with your 3d stuff ... but the reflections are getting there too.

jpope, nice works I like.

trooper, thats a nice picture, makes a good stock photo.

mustang, the bulb is great.

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The origional alphapad logo:


Which group of squares is on top?

EDIT: Oops. I just realized that the bottom-right group of squares aren't aligned right.

"The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write anything you want and give it a false source." ~Ezra Pound

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Wow indeed, 343 pages. I have thumbed through many of them. I love seeing what others have been able to do with PDN. I sometimes feel intimidated by their wonderful images. I have worked my way through 4 tutorials now and I'm feeling a little more at easy. This was the first tutorial I did. I had a little trouble following direction. I had a home-economics teacher that would say, "If you can read and follow directions, you can cook". Well I am still working on the "follow directions" part.



"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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this is beautiful I really must learn some photo manipulation tricks!

Thank you, Oma.

Grab the .pdn file. I know you like pink, there's a flower blossom in there with your name on it. It would give you something to practice your manipulation skills on. :)

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