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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!

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I like the house with the uH and it made me click it, I also liked the header on the page that loaded after the transfer, blue forest!

I'm planning on making this my new sig:



1-1.png | 3.png | 2-1.png | 4.png

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Awhile back a friend of mine wanted me to make her something like this. She sent me a tiny little picture of a rose to work with (which is way the rose looks so... bad) and I did the rest. Not my favorite work, but I thought it was worth posting her anyway.


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@mustang maverick



Thank you!! :D


Here's what I've been working on lately:


PDN works very well for creating textures for skins. I'd previously been using the gimp for this, but PDN has gotten to the point that there is no reason why I can't use it (and no reason not to!). The magic wand tool is excellent in PDN; much better than what I'd been using previously.

Agreed, and wanna see larger pic and the final result. :)

I don't really know. Paint.NET is an photo manipulation program as much as it is an graphic creation program, probably more so.

I like the contrast range photos (or in this case, rendered photo-realistic images) give, and it's nearly impossible to re-create that dynamic digitally. I feel justified in using it because photo manipulation is one of Paint.NET's "selling-points", if you will. Up 'til now, The Sketchpad has rather ignored that aspect of it.

What do you guys think?

I would have to agree too, I started using PDN for photo manipulation, then later for graphic creation as well. :)

@barkbark00: Nice cut out!

@Wither: I like it, slowing down the text a bit might be even better :)


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Looking at some of your art, I don't see how I can even compete. That stuff is amazing. Anyway, here is a few of my own pictures:

Crazy Artist (click for larger img):


Symbol (Played around with Tube Oblique tool):


Avitar Idea:


And what do you think: Keep current avitar or upgrade to the one above?


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@SD's Symbol: Looks like a cursor.... :D

I guess everything looks like a cursor when designing one.


Well I might as well post my status on my tNOS2 pack. I can safely say that I'm over half way done and very satisfied. All of the cursors are dark gray colors. No black pixels, no white pixels. Just dark gray. But it isn't a dull form of it, as you may be thinking. These cursors are made of smooth, almost 3d-like gradients of dark gray.



I spent quite a while trying to design the busy cursors. It's the normal cursor, but with an animated (dark gray) circle made from scratch. From what I'm seeing right now, only one of the cursors from tNOS1 will be transfered to tNOS2 (the text selector).

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Ok, here is the (near) final results of the UT99 clan skin I've been working on. As I've stated, the only problems I've had with it has been when the game itself down-converts the 32-bit .bmp's to 16-bit indexed .pcx's. Overall, however, I'm happy.

I must say, this has been my first skinning project in PDN and I'm *much* happier using it vice GIMP. Native tools rock.

Oh, and I've fixed the comment system on my site. :oops: You can now leave comments without having to be logged in as a member. Please feel free to drop by.







There's a small, not very informative write up on them at the site that was done off the cuff. :wink: I'll get a little deeper if I get the OK on this version of the skins or get the final product done.

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