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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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i am kinda getting bored of my sig/ avatar so i decided to make new ones. this was last night and i had like 12 minutes of time so here they are (say if they are better than the current ones):



av (are they still only allowed to be 60x100?):


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I made this with my new plugin (the animation is very rough; I only threw it together to demo the effect):


I like the idea of the plugin...

What would be cool is if it somehow distorted an area more/less based on the brightness value...kinda like a spike emboss/relief?

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Ash, that is a brilliant globe...metal...sphere of mercury...
Ash: Wonderfully believable shading and compositing on that top orb one there. Well done. :)

Thank you :)

@Madjik: Is that a pulgin you are working on? Anyways, looking good so far :)

@Oma: I like it, But I'm not a border guy, not so hot about the border :)

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I took a look at forumer's logo and liked it, so I tried to replicate it.


I'm not sure if I did a great job on the lighting, but I like it.

The curvy Y is just something I thought would complement it nicely.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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