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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!

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Click the pic to see it bigger :)

Edit: that is if you can see the thumbnail :?


Son, someday you will make a girl happy for a short period of time. Then she'll leave you & be with men that are ten times

better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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I had a picture of a grasshopper for some reason.

Anyway I did this by changing the layers properties to additive then duplicating the picture three times. Then doing an edge detect at 0,90,180, and -90. Flatten and Sharpen at max. You can kinda get the same results by doing an Outline with intensity at 100 and thickness at 1 or 2. Then invert colors, duplicate layer, change layer properties to additive, flatten, sharpen at max. If you didn't get a thing I just said I'm sorry. I'm also sorry about the grammar.


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I love the feel of the font!

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


"I wish I had never been born," she said. "What are we born for?"

"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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Now that's classy, T_L. I love the background on that one. The color scheme is excellent and the wear effect is perfect. I'm not too positive on the diamond on the right, though. :)

I also agree that the font chosen fits the mood very well. I seem to recall downloading a font similar to that one some time ago, but the name escapes me at present. Would you mind telling me the name of that one? :D

I am not a mechanism, I am part of the resistance;

I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

~ Becoming the Archetype

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