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where'd you find that boat?

it would be good for what im trying to make.

I just took a boat from the internet and turned it black.

I googled for "Segelboot" or "Segelschiff" or something like that (german ;) )

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Bossk, I find it strange that you are having so much trouble linking images in this forum, considering you have a perfectly good working one in your signature.

The format needs to be like this:


What you have is this:


Just move stuff around and add a closing tag and everything should be dandy.


ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

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Anyone want to know how to do this/think I should make a tutorial on it, I dunno I don't think I've seen this type of vortex before... I'll try and remember what I did lol


EDIT: made a sig out of it, no way I'm going to remember how I did that ^^^^ now... :lol:



Site: RIP =(

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