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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!

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#5 is the least impressive to me.

I agree, but it's the way to make it that impressed me!

:PaintBrushTool: Paintbrush with a large width (50-60px)

:OverwriteBlending: Blend mode : Overwrite.

And start to draw manual curves (from the farest to the nearest)...

Oops, I forgot a work for an AV:


(I took the arms/hands on a model, the rest is 100% PDN)

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How about "Freaky Robo-Gremlin dude"?

EDIT: Actually, his name is MadJik, according to the tattoo on his forehead.

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If you crop out the circle and feather it, you got yourself a brass chainmail orb :shock:

I've personally never saw this before, why not turotialize it?

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cjm, how did you get those tiles because I did something that looks kinda similar about a week ago. One second, ill go get it. Its on a different computer


I stumbled upon the tile effect while messing around.

If you select the 'Fill' tool and change the fill type to 'Trellis'...


...and fill your canvas. Then use Effects > Blurs > Zoom Blur Deluxe...


...you end up with this...


Try messing about with different fill types and apply the Zoom Blur Deluxe, you get some interesting results.

If you don't already have it, you can get theZoom Blur Deluxe plugin here.



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Wow, I did pretty much the exact same thing. Instead of the trellis thing, I used the interlace plugin.

What I did was have a black background, then a new layer. Red interlace going one way, black going the other. Then I did zoom blur deluxe on the same setting you did.

I'm still alive!

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how come it gets that weird distortion when i save as .gif?

gif as a file format is rather limited in some ways. it only supports a palette of 256 colors. or if your image is an animation, each frame can have its own unique palette. but if you convert an image which has more than 256 colors to a gif, it has to do what is called dithering, which is why it gets that "weird" look. Dithering is basically reducing the number of colors and approximating each one in a pattern.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dither#Dig ... processing


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