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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Theres not much difference, but you should try to keep up to date. I think theres something in the rules about that or something. Theres a post (I think its stickied) in this section about it.

I'm still alive!

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Surgency they are talking about how brightly colored you avatar is.:shock:


I bet people reading my reply can't figure what I learned to do. I figured out how to use emoticons.I'm being sarcastic. I figured out how to use Firefox spell checker.

Sorry this really is just a test. If it had been a real test you would have seen this color.

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#5 is the least impressive to me.

I agree, but it's the way to make it that impressed me!

:PaintBrushTool: Paintbrush with a large width (50-60px)

:OverwriteBlending: Blend mode : Overwrite.

And start to draw manual curves (from the farest to the nearest)...

Oops, I forgot a work for an AV:


(I took the arms/hands on a model, the rest is 100% PDN)

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