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How to do a lens flair?

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Hello my name is Gabriel, and I am a huge Paint.NET fan. I would like to know some things though like if someone would ever take the time to make a "Lens Flare/Glare" Plugin (I have almost all of them. I have 137). Something like this (or tell me how to do it with a tut):


I would also like to know if someone can make a tut or show me or give me advice on how to shade little sprites from the game called "MapleStory". Here are some picture references:


Here are some things I made with Paint.NET:






I would like to know how to shade just like the Game Designers of MapleStory to start making my own custom items for it. Here is a simulator for the game "MapleStory" made by Ion of BannedStory. http://maplesim.com/app/index.html

Please and thank you in advance!

Thank you for your time reading and replying to this. :D

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Welcome, give me just a minute I'm going to try to dig up an old thread, it had a link on how to draw and color sprites, I think it was pokeman sprites, but it's the same concept.

edit: Wow! That time I actually found what I was looking for :P.


Here's the original thread.


edit: I hope that site is helpful, if not let us know and we can help you further.


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