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Image to texte file in hexa


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I'm trying to save the image as texte file in binary or hexa.

I've done it as a effect plugin for hexa and it works!

I've some guide lines from Rick and Pyrochild to transform as a file type plugin.

I've used it to scan a logo and create a hexa string (a file) for a thermal printer for labels.

It works fine (the effect plugin) with a black image on a transparent background.

Now I would like to adapt the code to have a file type plugin instead.

...and add binary conversion option...

Any help will be appreciate!

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For WriteLine, wrap the stream using StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(output).

To convert to and from hex, invoke px.ToHexString() or uint.Parse(hex string, NumberStyles.HexNumber);

To convert to and from binary, use bitwise operations:

StreamWriter streamWriter = new StreamWriter(output);
byte r = clr.R;
for (int bit = 7; bit >= 0; bit--) {
   Console.Write(((r & (1 << bit)) == (1 << bit)) ? 1 : 0);

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I know this part, I'm more interessed in the I/O functions...

I'm following the advice I got to use reflector. So it's fine enough for my needs.

If you want to update yours, may I suggest to add a slider for the level ("the certain number"). And how could we affect the preview to simulate a B/W image?

I've done it on my effect version!

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In fact yes! :oops:

With your earlier instruction "StreamWriter streamWriter = new StreamWriter(output);"

I only got zeros!

The best method I've find is from your plugin (using reflector)

 byte[] buffer = new byte[str.Length];
   for (int j = 0; j < str.Length; j++)
       buffer[j] = (byte) str[j];
   output.Write(buffer, 0, str.Length);

So I can adapt it. But now, I think I (we) need a B/W preview.

For now I'm able to create the text file I need for my labels: great!

I won't go further on this plugin as your ASCIIArt is what I could do to improve mine, what for then?...

Thanks to all especially to you, sabrown100

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