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creating a background with diagonal lines?

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That subject is pretty simplified so here's what I'm looking to do (will need to open them full size to see the texture):




Obviously this isn't my work, but the background demonstrates the sort of look I'm trying to acheive. A high res, well textured background with lines moving diagonally. Credit on these great walls must go to KondzioR over at Customize.org.

At any rate, I'm wanting to impliment this sort of background for my blog. How would I go about making this??????

Thanks as always...

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From looking closely at those pictures it appears that the background is tiled. You can recreate this by creating a tile of your own. Start out with a 100px by 100px square. Choose the color you wish for the main color and fill in the background. Zoom to 600% and choose the the line/curve tool. Draw your lines (don't forget to choose a different color) while holding the the 'Shift' key. This allows the lines to "snap" while angling them and aslo allows you keep the lines parallel. After you have finished drawing your lines throughout the square, save it. Create a new image with whatever dimensions you wish. Go to Layers > Import From File... to insert the background you just saved. Since the file you just inserted is automatically seleted, simply copy it and paste it. When you paste it will cover the one you just copied. Click to drag and align it next to the original.

There you have it, Tiling!

NOTE: The spacing of the lines can be tricky. Make sure you have the exact spacing between each line or it may not look right when it comes to pasting and aligning the tiles.


- DO NOT contact me asking for the .pdn of my avatar or the PDN logo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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