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idea for smudge tool/effect

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Alright, so you know that on the splatter effect that when you go to use it, you see it on the effect menu. So what if you were able to make it to where you could put down colors anywhere on it like that but when you make other colors run into each other, they combine? Is that possible? (Is that clear also?)


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And now we can start to nag pyrochild for a smudge tool and the airbrush stuff. :twisted:


Basically you are right, but "pineapple" was - as far as I know - a very hard piece of work and I doubt you can really excpect something like you said before 4.0 itself. Just as a matter of time.

BTW, I believe requests for the smudge tool etc. are on the popular feature request list, so it is not allowed to ask for this stuff anymore (?).

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